Commission status: OPEN!

Hey! I’m Kylee (AKA Lumi) and I’m available for commissions! Above is just a sample of some of the stuff I’ve drawn. For more, click here.

These prices are estimates, and may vary. Prices based on 1-2 figures with a simple or plain background.

line art: $15
flat color: $20
full color: $30

Full Body
line art: $25
flat color: $30
full color: $40


birds/other animals: $20-35

character turn around (front, side, back, full body, flat color): $50

*CHEAP OPTION!* rough sketches: $5 (three for $12)

Want something that’s not listed here? Email me and ask!

More info under the read more.

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Done while sleepy, and I’m already noticing about a billion errors but dang it these are just dumb doodles drawn without a reference. I realized how much I miss drawing birds, though, so maybe tomorrow I’ll draw some proper birds.


My friend sonira's cute orc princess-wannabe character, Ragnfridr! I love this character and the comic Sonira is planning.

#sonira  #orc  #ragnfridr  


I illustrated this text post by roboticdreams because it’s just too cute.


Survey Time

I’m planning on opening a store this summer to sell art and stuff and I want to know - what would people be most interested in buying?

  • Mini comics?
  • Coloring books? (For kids or adults/all-ages?)
  • Prints?
  • Pendants? (With what kind of illustration/painting in them?)
  • Plushies? (I haven’t posted many examples of that, but I’m working on it)
  • Keychains?
  • PDF format of comics/coloring books as well as or instead of physical shipped books?
  • Something else?

If you have any opinions, requests, comments, or whatever, please drop me an ask or reply to this post! Anon asks are welcome too.

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Latula, the raddest Pyrope.

Transparent, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the background.

Fixed up the doodle from last night a bit.


Middle of the night doodles before bed.


AC: :33 < *ac f33ls so strong!*
CT: D —> Nepeta this is 100dicrous
AC: :33 < *ac fle%es and shows off her meowscles to the also very strong cat boy*
CT: D —> I insist you stop this f00lish horsing around
AC: :33 < come on equius play along
CT: D —> The STRONG cat troll is… im-purr-essed… by his meowrail’s… uh… meowscles
CT: D —> Is that a sufficient amount of cat puns Nepeta
AC: :33 < hmm we’ll work on it!

I’m sure people have done drawings like this before, but… well… dang it, clothes swaps are adorable.


For turniphoarder ! Happy late Valentine’s Day from the Cupid Crossing exchange!

#fan art